Wifi Password QR Code Wooden Sign


Share your wifi with your guests with this unique, charming wooden sign.

It will be laser engraved with your network name and password, and a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones to automatically connect to your wifi. You only need to provide your network name and password, we will create the QR code for you.

The sign is engraved on a sheet of wood, with the wifi symbol cut out, for a long-lasting piece of functional decor. The sign can be mounted on a wall, framed, or slotted into the included decorative stand to be placed on a counter top, book case, etc. The sign is 8" tall by 8" wide.

Before adding this item to your cart, fill out the "Personalization" box to provide your wifi network name and password to add to the sign. 

Note: Personalized or custom items are hand-made to order, and typically ship 3-7 days after you order.