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Square Reader Dock & Business Card Holder

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$34.50 USD
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$34.50 USD

This versatile dock and sign does EVERYTHING for your table when selling at craft shows and markets!

→ Holds your Square Reader so you can easily accept card payments

→ Shows what payment methods you accept and your store name

→ Holds and displays your business cards too!

This custom laser-cut dock holds the wireless Square Reader for tap-and-pay and chip card payments. It has a cut-out with "insert chip here" label so you can easily take payments without moving the reader. The dock is made from white acrylic on the bottom and engraved wood on the top. The card acceptance sign with your store name or logo is custom printed on a clear sticker and attached to a sign which sits in the back of the stand.

The sign can be customized with your shop name. Either write your shop name in the personalization box on this page, or email your logo to after purchase. Refer to the photos for examples.

The Square Reader is not included. Square Reader can be ordered online or can be purchased from Amazon, Staples, Office Depot and other retailers.